Pum's Heim


I dream...
In this world we live
I'm not born to stay
What nature wants to give
It seems so far away.

(~I dream to leave.)

What I see in my dreams
Is a world of love I am alone so it seems My Dreams are not enough.

(~I 'm dreaming)

I've reached the point of giving up
I need help for getting up
But I don't know where
And who will be there.

(- I dream to go)

Some day I sayed I will go away
But someone showed me a place to stay
There I met people having same dreams
I'm not longer alone with my dreams.

(~I dream of fur)

I opend my self to show my heart.
They show livf that became a part.
I'm spending my time in deep devotion.
In their big world of love and emotion.

(~I need emotions)

Soft fur and strong paws, Long tail and sharp claws.
Born to kill but used for love.
Seeing another is not enough.

(~I dream of love)

We hold us togeteher in our arms
Showing love in a our way of charm.
Being one kind, feeling our selves.
To persons of kind, to no one else.

(-I dream of staying)

Togehter we are people one kind.

It's what we are, thats our mind.



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