Pum's Heim


To my only friend

No one ever was closer to me
Then you, my love. You always staied with me.
I've lost in rny live so many friends. Then I came to you, you were always there.

I told you all about me.
You know all my problems.
But you stay and try to share
You're whole life, only with me.

You're lying on my side in my bed. When I sleep, I can feel you/So close.
When I travel around. With you on my side. You're the only friend I ever found. You are with me, the whole world wide.
You know, to you I do belong. You will stay with me, all my life long.
Some day my life goes to the end.

When all my friends are gone.
But you, my life long friend,
will be there till my last breath is done.
You'll try to show a tear.
But no one knows what you feel.
Give me love and feelings.
You'll do, I know.

Just be there for ever and watch over me.
In heaven will no plushy waiting for me.
I look down to you with eyes filled of tears
In my mind we ever feel us.
But for now, let me hold you on my heart.
I love you.
No one should ever try to bring us apart. In my life I'll never leave you.



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